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Rotex Introductory Video

Highlighting Rotex's Gyratory Reciprocating Motion, allowing for accurate and high yield separations and screening. Applications include Seeds, Grains, Chemicals, DAP/MAP, Minerals, Sand, Coffee, Pet Foods, Flour, Salt and more. For more information, visit our site at
Mohit kumar : Very well demonstrated happy to see it watch it
Shantanu : Can it be used in crushed sand separation process...
Guillermo Vasquez : What angle

Rotex Helicopter AG - Kran-Montage

Johnny 6250r : Größten Respekt an die Mitarbeiter von Rotex. Bei uns in Deutschland kamen sie auch mit dem Hubschrauber, der die zwei schrägen Rotoren hat. Es ist einfach nur unvorstellbar schön gewesen! Ich kann euch nur weiterempfehlen. Ich finde eure Arbeit einfach klasse. Meinen Respekt habt ihr!

Why you need a Festool Rotex. Rotex vs Random Orbit Sander. How much time will the Rotex save you?

Just how much faster is the Festool Rotex vs a standard Random Orbit Sander? A lot. So much faster that I'll say if you're a professional and you don't have a Festool Rotex you're losing money and time on every job.

Support Small Businesses when you buy Festool. Got to to order your Festool tools

Today I put the Rotex up against my Makita 5" Random Orbital Sander. My Makita is a perfectly good sander and it has its place in my shop, but when time is money the Rotex gets the job done.
Chris Parker : Woodworking - DIY - Tool Reviews : The 7mm stroke of the rotex is definitely more aggressive than the 3mm stroke of the Makita...that’s for sure. Having said that...that was damn quick with the Rotex lol if you hate a Rotex...that’s what I was told. Thanks for sharing.
Millis Construction : True story! When it’s needed that rotex mode is awesome
Mark Nicholson : Without question, the Festool is much faster & much more expensive. Impressive indeed. Eg, 7.6 times faster, $620 vs $100 or so (roughly 6.2 times more expensive).
But I don't really get the rational of this comparison, regardless of price and speed.
The Festool Rotex is a 110V corded tool, 7mm stroke, using vacuum dust extraction, is noticeably larger and using different brand of sand paper than the Makita.
The Makita is a battery powered tool, 3mm stroke, not using vacuum dust collection, is noticeably smaller and using a different brand of sand paper than the Festool.
Just sayin
Mark Nicholson
Former, US Army - EFMB,
Combat Medical Specialist
1/94 FA MLRS
kizz jd : Great video, I have the Makita myself and it's probably 90% dust free with a dust extractor attached.
Gaspare Soro : I own a rotex,
if I could be back I'd buy a makita BO6050J.
The festool it's NOT perfect.
During the cleaning I saw some details I don't like to see into a 500-600€ sander.
I hope this can save you some money.




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